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Android Stereos for Your Autos

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Android autoradio


If one takes a look around, it’s rare that one would see most of the population without a mobile phone. The addiction and constant use of technology is a gift and a curse that this entire generation faces. We’ve grown dependent on the functionality and ease that smartphones provide us, and it’s safe to say that Android phones have become very dominant in this age, allowing users to have a way to connect with each other as well as adding the option of convenience and entertainment in their daily lives.

Everyone enjoys the ease of connecting their car stereo to their Android phone. The choices of entertainment and the ability to call people hands-free are highly valued by many, and the latter is essential for road safety. The accessibility certainly makes many auto stereos with Bluetooth/AUX connectivity popular within vehicular transport, but what about stereos Android auto?

What Is an autoradio Android Stereo?

Replacing a regular car stereo entirely, an Android auto stereo gets installed directly into the dashboard of your vehicle. The product works just like any Android smartphone, offering entertainment, hands-free calling, navigation accessibility and the option to browse the internet no matter where you drive.

Why Buy an autoradio Android Stereo for Your Auto?

As we mentioned before, there are many features that Android auto stereos offer and although there may be differences between them, the basic functionality that they offer is usually the same. Some of the prominent features of Android auto stereos are:

Android App Usage

If you have any Android apps that can play music, the Android auto stereo connects to your phone and uses the apps just like any HD radio to play a broad range of stations and music. Apps like Pandora and Spotify can be used efficiently to save the user from having to store their digital music in physical storage – there are a lot of outstanding options for streaming online.

Ease of Browsing Music

Once you connect your Android phone to the Android auto stereo, the software of the head unit allows all the music files on your phone to show directly on the stereo screen, so you can efficiently swipe up and down and browse through the songs you want to play with no problems.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Being a developing product, there are differences in the options of connectivity that each autoradio golf 5 Android GPS auto stereo offers. A user would see that many head units provide USB connectivity, but that may cause problems since not all head units are fully compatible.

A Few Notable Products

There are a lot of reliable and popular products out there, but some of the best Android auto stereos are Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX, Pioneer AVH-4100NEX, Kenwood Excelon DDX6902S, Alpine iLX-007, and Clarion VX405. With a number of amazing products to choose from, Android auto stereos are sure to make any user satisfied.